I travel around a lot in my job, and I prefer to travel by train if I can, because I live near a railway station, and I can work on a train in a way that is just not possible if you are sat behind the wheel of a car.


I have been intrigued, if perhaps not a little disturbed, by the reactions of people who follow me on Twitter to the fact that a lot of my tweets are from trains. A guy called Peter Hindle (@petehindle), who I have only physically met once, invented the #uktrain hashtag and dedicated it to me, so I suppose I ought to look after it. In the last few years I have gone from being someone who drove 60,000 miles a year, to someone whose car is mainly used as Dad’s Taxi, and I have come to feel quite strongly that we should all use public transport if we can. That is not to say that the UK public transport system is anything like fit-for-purpose, and I don’t really go near buses unless I really, really have to.

Any way, I had this really mad idea for #uktrain radio – the basics of which is that someone (maybe me) sits in the corner of a railway carriage broadcasting live on the Internet (good luck with that on most trains, even on the ones that have free wifi) and interviewing random passengers.

A mad idea, I thought. But then a couple of people said they thought it was not that mad.

Please, please tell me it’s insane and impractical……