Great Expectations in a Gents Toilet

OK, I should have taken photographs to illustrate this post; but it is related to a gents toilet and I am nervous about photography in a toilet, it can get you into all sorts of trouble, or so I believe, I don’t have any experience to call on.

Today I was at a meeting in Barnsley Council’s shiny new offices, all steel and glass, and a prominent sign of the Council’s confidence in the future of a town which has gone through some pretty tough times; and the ubiquitous glass means that the Council Tax payer can see pretty much all of what is being done in their name and with their money.

And so, I needed to visit the Gents. I walked in, and did a double take – no urinals. I walked back out and checked the sign on the door. It wouldn’t have been the first time I had mistakenly wandered into the Ladies toilet in a strange building. But, no, it was definitely the Gents. So I walked back in, went into a stall and did what I needed to do.

Then, as I was washing my hands, my eye was caught by a sign on the wall which read thus:

“If anything in this toilet fails to meet your expectations, please let us know”.

Now my expectation was that there should be urinals in a Gents toilet. There were none. It had failed to meet my expectations. Should I have let somebody know about this? Perhaps not, but it seemed I was being asked to comment, so I am doing so here.

Nice building though, well done Barnsley Council, even though we couldn’t manage to close the blind when the blinding sun shone in on our meeting.