Bringing Events to the World

Social Reporting is the process of opening events up to the outside world through social media, video and photography.


I have extensive experience of successfully bringing a wider audience to events. Typically, this entails

  • Live streaming and / or recording video of main event sessions
  • Recording vox pop interviews with speakers and participants and uploading them to the Internet shortly afterwards
  • Organising and leading the social media activity around the event and ensuring the event has a high online profile while it is taking place
  • Curating and producing the online story of the event afterwards
  • Producing a video summary of proceedings

The age of widespread digital literacy, internet use, and the rising tide of Social Media means that even small organisations, if they get their message right, can have a much wider impact than they might ever have thought possible in the past. Pictures and videos tell much more powerful stories than text, and the Internet means that content can reach much wider audiences than printed material ever did.

Similarly, the digital age means that there is no need only to talk to the people in the room or in the immediate locality. Social media tools allow us to open the event up to the world, via live streamed video and audio, live blogging, instant feedback via Twitter and otherwise. Social Media means even the smallest event can become a global phenomenon.

I am skilled at multi-tasking, to capture different kinds of content in short spaces of the time. And I have a range of techniques and capabilities to make sure content is available to the world very quickly indeed.

If you’d like to employ me as a Social Reporter please contact me…..

Participant Interview – Kimberley Wadham

Storify – Comms Hero Manchester, May 2015

The Story of Dementia North Wales Meetup – November 2015

The Story of Social Work is Human Rights Event – July 2016

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