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Me being interviewed by BBC North West Tonight at the #twicket matchContact me via twitter     @johnpopham

or email                              john[dot]popham[at]johnpopham[dot]com

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  6. Hi, Bernie has suggested I contact you with a view to having a video done of the Event we are holding on 7th July (Sunday)

    We are doing the event in Partnership with Wigan Council and the Heart of Scholes project.

    The day is about several themes, ie Good Neighbours/Social Care/volunteering/ celebration of crafters along with charities and local businesses, its a real mix its a fun day and lots for the family to do but a gathering of information day.

    The event starts at 10am and finishes around 4pm and we are expecting a high volume of people.

    Could you give me an idea if you are free to cover the event and how much would a video cost me please, one that is finished and ready to be shown.


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  9. Hello, John. I live in British Columbia, Canada, and am following your efforts to get wi-fi into hospitals. As a member of FHA, I wish to submit reports and influence our Fraser Health Authority, since only two of our hospitals claim to have free wi-fi. I will now start opening your blogs, but am willing to receive any ideas, help, details which might expedite the cause. Do you need a pilot hospital that we might supply?

    • Hi Robert

      Sorry I’ve been a bit tardy responding to this.

      I’ve been trying for some time to raise the resource to work with a pilot hospital, but I’ve not been successful as yet. I am convinced it needs a careful study and work to encourage patients to use the wifi in interesting ways. Wifi is gaining ground, and I am hoping to meet with one of the companies that is supplying it soon

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