Social Housing and Digital Inclusion

I have run this Workshop in Leeds in conjunction with Leeds Federated Housing. It attracted more than 30 delegates and was very well received as can be seen from the feedback below.

I am seeking to run a version of this workshop (tailored to local needs and circumstances) with other organisations and in other parts of the country. This can be done either on a pay-per-delegate basis, or for an overall fee. Please email me if you are interested.

Session Title



1. Introduction

Outline of the day – methodology

10 mins

2. I love the internet

Why I love the internet and you should too

20 mins

4. Ice-breaking

   Communicating our passion   for the internet

  • Group splits into pairs,

  • Pairs spend 5 minutes each talking to the other one about what the internet means to them,

  • Each individual then tells the room what the internet means to their partner

30 mins

5. Digital Storytelling – communicating the benefits

  • Why is storytelling important?

  • What are the elements of storytelling?

  • What digital tools can we use to tell stories

  • How do we construct digital stories?

60 mins


15 mins

6. Social Housing and Digital Inclusion – some examples:

  • LS14 Trust

  • Digital Champions

  • Free wifi

  • Recycled kit

  • Social media in communities

  • Grabbing people’s attention

  • Our Digital Planet

  • Your own examples

60 mins


60 mins

7. What works for you?

  • Group exercises – building a digital inclusion strategy

60 mins

8. Practical projects

  • Group exercises – project development

  • Support centres

  • Digital Champions

  • Free wifi

  • Recycled kit

  • Social media in communities

  • Grabbing people’s attention

60 mins

9. Feedback session

  • What have we learned?

  • Where do we go next?

30 mins


Social Housing: Sleepwalking into the Digital Nightmare?

Some tweets from the workshop I ran in Leeds on 30th July 2013

      1. Good start fm @johnpopham at with lots of #digitalinclusion stories and promise of a Morroccan buffet for lunch
      2. There’s something in the Internet for everyone – just find touchpoint – @johnpopham on housing and #digitalinclusion. Now pairs to discuss.
      3. Finally flesh met @davidwilcox via @johnpopham social housing #digitalinclusion session #LFHA cc @lyha_LisaP
      4. @johnpopham “Find the touch point for each individual to use the internet”
      5. Staggering dependancy on the Internet for most people at the session at @leedsfederated @johnpopham #digitalinclusion
      6. Talking about how we use the Internet in our lives with @johnpopham @leedsfederated today
      7. The best way to create #digitalinclusion is to pass on our own passion for using the Internet @johnpopham
      8. Watching old Ron #Bristol discovering what internet can offer him via intro booth project @johnpopham… @GiptonCO
      9. The hero’s journey: 12 point basis of the Hollywood/Xfactor epic tale #Storytelling @johnpopham cc @re_connection
      10. Communicate passions, tell stories, help people find interests for #digitalinclusion says @johnpopham w/ demos #mysortofconference
      11. Very entertaining stuff this morning @leedsfederated @johnpopham digital workshop. Top marks so far.
      12. Watching power of storytelling video exemplar @nakedpresenting via @johnpopham @LeedsVolunteer #Bettakultcha
      13. @johnpopham Can we put digital hardware into tenants homes? 1 model is recycling of kit and nominal lease cost ie £2 PCM
      14. Praise @LS14Trust from @johnpopham #LFHA for not compromising patient listening support to in search of hard outputs #Seacroft
      15. Smartphones/tablets better route to #digitalinclusion than recycled computers – if reduce costs free wifi @johnpopham event session
      16. @johnpopham I’m there in spirit! Glad it is going well!
      17. Enjoying great buzz at Social Housing and #digitalinclusion workshop (@ Arthington House)
      18. #SocialHousing digital inclusion strategy > for organisational efficiency,personal learning, community development @davidwilcox @johnpopham
      19. Selling #DigitalInclusion to #SocialHousing tenants > shares knowledge, flattens hierarchies, shifts power ? @johnpopham #Coproduction
      20. Housing #digitalinclusion: Digital champions – get all staff on board, link with corporate volunteering, provide right kit @johnpopham
      21. Dave @nlhomes reporting on #DigitalChampions ideas… & rolling out #DiamondNet broadband #Lincolnshire @johnpopham
      22. Learned about @WIBERouter turbo dongle bringing broadband & mobile internet to rural blackspots @johnpopham #DigiHousing
      23. Picked up some good ideas today. Thanks @suzejennings for the heads up, @leedsfederated hosting& @johnpopham facilitating #digitalinclusion

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