Social Media


I provide social media training, advice, support, and assistance to organisations in all sectors.

My background, encompassing local government, social housing, further education, the voluntary sector, and the private sector, means I am well-qualified to assist organisations of all kinds to develop and deliver effective social media strategies.

My starting point for social media is from a strong background of digital storytelling. I believe everyone has a story to tell. There are stories to be told about:

  • an organisation, its history, its rationale, and the benefits its products and services offer;
  • customers / clients / beneficiaries and how the organisation improves people’s lives; and
  • individual employees / members, and why they do what they do.

Often, the latter story is the most compelling. Finding the people in your organisation who are passionate about what they do, and putting digital tools in their hands to tell their own stories, can be a really powerful way of building trust and confidence with your customers / clients / beneficiaries.

My experience has told me that getting people comfortable with digital and social media tools is only part of the challenge. The biggest challenge of all is giving them the confidence and skills to find their voice, develop compelling content, disseminate it using social media, and engage audiences with it. My approach is designed to focus on these elements and not to leave people with a set of tools they struggle to use effectively.

My recent clients in this kind of work include:

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