Digital Storytelling

jp_at_thurrockDigital Storytelling underpins everything I do, but there are some projects I work on which are more specifically related to the concept than others.

I love it when I can really get my teeth into a project which puts the use of digital media tools and social media in the context of individuals, organisations, and communities telling stories that are important to them.

I am often asked to define what I mean by Digital Storytelling. What I mean is this:

  • the use of digital tools such as video, audio, photography, blogs and social media updates to tell a story. This may be the story of an event, an organisation, a community, or a life;
  • the organisation of these elements into a coherent story using tools such as blogs and storify;
  • the use of social media to disseminate and promote the stories.

I first realised the power of Digital Storytelling when working on #twicket – the World’s first live broadcast of a village cricket match, an event which started as an idea to raise the profile of rural broadband woes, and turned into a high profile, multi-faceted story, which resonated with a wide audience. I took this experience on into Celebration 2.0, a project which toured the country telling the stories of local communities through amplifying their celebration events.

I have also organised other events as Digital Storytelling Vehicles, including The Social Media Train, Can’t Get Online Week, Sun, Sea and Social Media and The Housing Day Road Trip.

During 2013 and 2014 I worked with the University of West of Scotland on two Digital Storytelling projects.  The first was Digital Commonwealth, a project which aimed to capture ordinary people’s stories in the run up to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the other was Future Stories, within which we have trained up Ambassadors from the Glasgow Future Cities programme to capture and tell people’s stories in relation to their hopes and dreams for the future of the city.

I have also been working with a number of social housing providers and individuals within the sector to run Digital Storytelling Workshops designed to enable them to tell the positive side of the stories highlighted in negative ways by the likes of programmes such as “Benefits Street” and “How to Get a Council House”.


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