Digital transformation is upon us. Whether we like it or not, our organisations cannot ignore it. If you are sat in your office and you think things will always be as they are because they’ve always been done like that, then think how someone in your position in Kodak, Blockbuster, HMV, or BHS would have felt just before the change that destroyed their business model hit them.

Dealing with digital transformation means that you need digitally confident staff. That means staff who are comfortable with all sorts of digital tools, not just the word processing, email and spreadsheets that they use today. They have to have an insight into what’s coming next, and they need to be capable and flexible to deal with whatever comes their way in a swiftly changing landscape. They have to learn to love digital devices and apps, and want actively to experiment with them.

DigiLunches are fun sessions in which your staff are encouraged to experiment with digital tools and become more fluent in the digital arena. The emphasis can be on what they need to do their jobs, but, it is often the case that staff respond best to being assisted to develop skills and capabilities that are as useful in their private lives as in the office. Thus they might be helped to establish and maintain a blog for their local beekeeping club or ramblers’ association and thus develop skills which can be transferable into their jobs.

DigiLunches are held in the workplace as two-hour informal drop-in sessions.

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