I continue to seek out positivity…

I don’t know if I’m going to be well enough to make any more of my Cancer Video Diaries so this blog post may have to serve in place of the next update. I’ve not posted a detailed update for some time, as I’ve just not been well enough, but I think most people will have picked up that my previous diagnosis of having had the “all clear” has now changed to having incurable cancer which has spread, firstly to my bones, and then to my liver and lungs. I so, wanted to be writing a positive post at this time, but it seemed that, as far as my own situation is concerned, that is not possible.

I am writing this during my second stay in hospital in the past couple of weeks. I came in this time, largely because I could get out of bed due to pain in my back, and, when I did I was gasping for air after a few seconds. I’ve been lying in hospital for three days having oxygen pumped up my nose, and antibiotics run into me via a drip. Yesterday, my Oncologist came to see me. He said that I am in a critical state at the moment. The aim is to get my pain levels and breathing to a level where it is safe to to let me go home. If they can achieve that it will be a case of looking at a variety of treatments which could give me a few more years of active life. If that objective cannot be attained then the end could come very soon. So, at the moment, I am totally focused on getting well enough to get home. As I said, I look for the positive in everything.

I just want to thank those of you, it must easily run into thousands, who have sent me messages of goodwill. They really help. As do the financial contributions you make. If you still want to make a contribution you can do so on a one-off basis at http://www.paypal.me/civicstories or regularly at http://www.patreon.com/johnpopham Your money will now go towards equipment and adaptations that I now need to make my life liveable and it might even go, in a small way, to helping my wife, Portia, my true rock, to rebuild her life.

But I am not done here. I want, with my family’s help to build a legacy which is based on my passionate commitment to using new technologies to promote equality of opportunity. If you can help, please email me at john.popham@johnpopham.com. Hopefully there will be more on that shortly. Just in case there isn’t, please contact portia.ea.robertspopham@gmail.com.