Calling Dr. Tech!

So Monday 18th May 2020 marks the first episode of the Dr. Tech Show. With the help of some friends, namely Sweyn Hunter and Pauline Roche, I’ll be broadcasting a live tech surgery on my YouTube Channel every Monday at 12 noon UK time.

This is something of an experiment. I’ve been trying to find a way to reach out to digitally excluded people and test ways of getting them online on a mass scale. For a long time, I have thought that BBC local radio is the best option. I still do, but radio stations have their own agendas and it is very difficult to get air time for this kind of thing. But, of course, the big irony is trying to use digital channels to reach out to people who don’t use digital channels. The Dr. Tech show (title taken from the nickname given to me by a BBC Radio Leeds presenter) will be a Zoom meeting live streamed on YouTube. By using Zoom, I am allowing the opportunity for people to join remotely via video conferencing, and the other thing about Zoom is that you can call in from any telephone, so that there is the possibility of someone who is digitally excluded calling in that way. I’d be very surprised if that happened. The inital target audience will be people who want to get their digitally excluded friends and relatives online but are struggling to do so.

To this end, I’ve been collecting stories of people’s efforts to get their digitally excluded relatives and friends communicating digitally during Covid-19 using the hashtag #LateAdopters on Twitter. And Pauline’s “Digital WM News” newsletter has lots of inspiring examples of how, in particular, voluntary organisations are using digital tools at the moment.

So, please join us for the first live Dr. Tech Show on YouTube on Monday 18th May. Click here to join the show. And please get in touch if you’d like to be part of the show. See you on Monday!


Here is Episode 1 of the show



I was diagnosed with cancer in February 2020 see here

There are a small amount of lovely people who have been providing me with some financial assistance to help me get through this situation, which is obviously made worse by the current pandemic. I won’t say who they are because I am not sure they want me to publicise it; but I am extremely grateful.

If you feel like helping me out in any way, please get in touch or you can support me on a regular basis via Patreon or as a one-off here.

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you all again when this is all over.