Social Media Response Units

I was listening to the radio (sorry I can’t remember whether the item was on Radio 4 or Radio 5 Live) this morning, and, during a discussion about the implications of the Trump Presidency for business, one of the contributors revealed that American businesses were establishing Social Media Response Units in preparation for the new President attacking them on Twitter as he already has with a number of companies.

In the UK, and probably elsewhere too, there are still countless senior leaders of public and voluntary organisations who have yet to understand how the social media revolution has transformed the world. Surely we are now reaching the point where it can no longer be acceptable for managers to say that social media is not relevant to them, when the most powerful man in the world makes snap decisions via Twitter and hugely powerful global corporations have no choice but to respond via the same channels.

What’s your excuse for not using social media?

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Response Units

  1. I agree that Twitter and other Social Media should be used – and indeed Jeremy Corbyn and his team have used it a lot – to great effect. However, not sure that Mr Trump is the best ambassador for Twitter? I am wondering if pointing out that Trump uses it to attack might increase the ‘I don’t go on Social Media because everybody knows it is full of such unpleasant stuff and I am quite happy not to have that in my life.’ type of response?

    • You are right that it might be a turnoff, but I think it also demonstrates how important social media is these days. I think organisations should ask themselves “what would we do if a Government Minister attacked us on social media?”

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