This is the video age

I love video, I do a lot of it. Both live and recorded. Video is important for a whole variety of reasons. But I think there is something about the proliferation of video that some people overlook.

2015-04-27 20.45.34

Video gives you confidence. In recent years I have upgraded several laptops, replaced an iPad screen, and fixed a boiler, all as a result of watching “how to” videos on Youtube. I would never have done any of these things if I hadn’t watched a video which showed step-by-step how to do it. The fact that I had seen another human being doing it gave me the confidence to believe I could do it myself. Video can do this. Video can give you confidence to do things. Video can inspire. So can seeing people do things in the flesh, of course, but with Youtube you can call up someone doing something you need to learn in an instant. It’s not so easy to get them to come round your house to demonstrate it.

Me being interviewed by BBC North West Tonight at the #twicket match

And yet, there are lots of people who are missing out on the benefits online video brings. I am talking about the people who work in offices where video streaming sites are blocked, or where the computers don’t have sound cards, or where there are no speakers, or where they are not allowed to plug headphones in. Or, in some cases all of these. They are oblivious to the opportunities which are being opened up by the age of ubiquitous video, both for themselves and for the people they work with.

That’s a pity. We should tell them about it. Maybe send them a fax.

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