Do you need a Council Meeting Broadcasting?

2015-04-27 20.45.34

As you may know I do low-cost live video streaming. I have done this for a large number of organisations, mainly of conferences and similar events. I have done local authority meetings as well, including Wakefield Council full council meetings, Kirklees Council Planning Sub-Committees, and Southwark Council Scrutiny meetings.

In 2014 the law was changed to require local authorities to allow video or audio broadcasting or recording of meetings that are open to the public. Some local authorities already do this themselves. Others welcome members of the public doing it. And some, it has to be said, have resisted it.

Although it is open to any member of the public to broadcast or record any public meeting, it can be challenging to do this if you want to do it in a way that creates an output which can be used as a public record. This is where I come in.

For a modest fee I can broadcast any public meeting and ensure a copy of the broadcast is archived to be consulted in the future. I am experienced at capturing the right video angles and in ensuring that sound quality is sufficient to record everything said in the meeting. I have done this in some very acoustically difficult environments.

So, if there is a meeting you want to see captured, please get in touch to discuss whether I can help you. I might even be able to help you raise funds to cover the costs.



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