There’s no point installing hospital wifi if patients can’t access it

I am still hopeful of progress in the campaign to get free wifi for patients in all NHS hospitals, particularly after what Tim Kelsey said at an event I was present at in March (see here).

But, you know what’s really frustrating? There are a number of cases where hospitals have installed wifi and yet the patients still can’t access it because none of the staff who have regular contact with patients know anything about it. While visiting my own local hospital, I asked at the information desk how to access the wifi and was told that no one there knew.

Can someone please spread the message that it is pointless installing wifi if patients can’t access it. This is doubly frustrating for disconnected patients.

Here’s an example of a hospital wifi login screen. I was unable to get online.

2015-06-09 11.18.05

One thought on “There’s no point installing hospital wifi if patients can’t access it

  1. Same at Lancaster Hospital last time I was there. The staff didn’t know. The helpdesk was shut at visiting time in the evening when family members could have helped the patients get their phones working. There was no mobile or 3G available in the wards. The only choice people had was the expensive tv/phone rip off system. Patients are moved from ward to ward all the time, so they aren’t gonna keep coughing up a tenner for a half hour stay in one place. It is essential to educate the health authorities to the benefits of communication when in hospital.

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