Local Government Should be Using Video for Reports #notwestminster

Practising what I preach, I produced a video in which I advocate that the future of local government reports is video. This came out of a discussion at the Local Democracy for Everyone: We’re Not in Westminster Anymore event in Huddersfield on 7th February.



3 thoughts on “Local Government Should be Using Video for Reports #notwestminster

  1. I don’t know whether I agree with this video, because I’ve not watched it yet; the reason I’ve not watched it yet is it is not yet convenient for me to watch it.

    right now I’m lying in bed with the Today programme on, preparing myself to get up; if it was a text article, I’d be able to start reading it on my phone and possibly complete the job, but if not I’d be able to easily save part way through. to watch a video I’d have to scrabble over to turn the radio off, and find my headphones and plug them into my phone.

    because it’s work-related, I could legitimately read the article (or watch the video) at work. to read the article again it would be a simple matter to simply pull up the page and read accordingly – again, watching the video I’ll have to find my earphones, plug them in, and separate myself off from my colleagues for the duration of the film. A colleague may need to engage my attention during the video – but the wearing off earphones may signal to them that I am unavailable, they may be more reticent to interrupt me for something that may well be more important than what I’m watching. my work phone may ring – it’ll be harder for me to hear it, and I’ll at least have to remove my headphones and stop the film before answering, increasing the disturbance to those around me.

    Now your video making skills are excellent, so I know that it’s going to be snappy, engaging, free of waffle, and the perfect length for the content it’s conveying – but I’ve watched many videos which haven’t been, and indeed read many articles which really are far too long. an article I can easily skip past the boring bits, but it tends to be only one particlar genre of video where the interesting and boring bits are so obviously flagged as to facilitate that.

    and of course, I may be deaf. unless you’ve done the extra – not inconsiderable if the video was unscripted – work of providing a transcript, I won’t be able to watch it at all.

    so I do agree that localgov should indeed make more use of video to convey information and create engagement than it currently does – but if it replaced reports with videos, I think that would be a step backwards, not forwards.

    and hopefully I’ll get to watch this film later on today.

    • There’s a lot in what you say Simon. Maybe I was being deliberately provocative in suggesting videos should replace reports rather than complement them.

      But, also, I think a lot of your points suggest how far some workplace cultures have to travel to keep up with the realities of 2015.

  2. Good point about Officers presenting reports at meetings. I really like how the National Assembly for Wales have started to use video to feedback to people, so it’s not just written reports. This video on recylcing is a good example (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV1FxxLufCw&feature=youtu.be). Whilst it’s not something we’ve been involved in, the Wales Audit Office is also doing videos around our reports, like with our Early Departures report (https://vimeo.com/119134717). There’s definitely scope for making this more of a key part of what we all do in the public sector.

    – Dyfrig

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