Social Media for Social Good Advent Calendar #adventsmsg

Santa will be late this year (photo by Wayne Butterworth on Flickr)

It’s the Season of Goodwill, isn’t it? Well, actually, that phrase really irks me as I think it’s used by some people as an excuse to limit their quota of goodwill to a defined period of the year. For me, every day should be the Season of Goodwill, and that’s why I use the hashtag #365goodwill on Twitter.

Nevertheless, there are certain traditions at this time of the year, and, this year I am going to join in with at least one of them.

Starting on Monday 1st of December, I am launching the Social Media for Social Good Advent Calendar. Every day, for 25 days, up to, and including Christmas Day, I will be posting a short video clip with a little bit of my thinking on using Social Media to help make the world a better place.

So, watch this space, every day during Advent. You can follow all the clips on the hashtag #adventsmsg on Twitter, or by clicking on the tag #adventsmsg on this blog. So, if you miss one, you can still find it.

I hope you find this useful. I intend to have fun making the videos, which is partly what it’s all about really.


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