Tackling loneliness

There are so many lonely people in our world, and yet the modern world has given us the tools to banish loneliness for ever. Older people, in particular, are not taking advantage of these tools, so how can we address this.

This is my idea for a project, can we make this happen?

1. First step is to identify lonely, older people, and recruit those willing to take part in the project.

2. Video interviews with lonely, older people, describing their life stories.

3. Post the videos on the internet.

4. Encourage online discussion about the stories

5. Discuss the online interaction with the people who have been videoed

6. Provide equipment and training so the older people can take part in the online discussions

7. Encourage and facilitate future interactions and contact between all project participants

Can we do this?

To aid your thinking, here is the lovely Ron, from Our Digital Planet in Bristol

3 thoughts on “Tackling loneliness

  1. I did this one with Ruth in our village a couple of years ago. A lot of people have watched it, but no comments… http://youtu.be/n7PVFtQA0nA – how do we get people to interact? Ruth would love to know people had seen it. She’s 104 now, and the birthday cards are still up since the telegram from the queen…

    • Thanks Chris.

      I think part of the project will be to have co-ordinated campaigns of drumming up interest, and facilitated conversations about the content.

      Can I use Ruth’s video as an example?

      • course you can. I think I failed on point 4. I told a few folk about the vid, and posted a link in the local newsletter, and I think a lot of folk in the village watched it, but nobody commented so I can’t read anything out to Ruth about it. (Ruth is blind, so she probably isn’t the best candidate for this particular project) I just wanted to record her story about the chips for posterity. They used to boil up the lard in a a washing boiler, and then the cat kittled on it when it was set, but they turfed the cat and kittens off and boiled it up again for chips… amazing stories and they are all true. You can come and meet her yourself next time you are over.

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