Would you ban your employees from talking to anyone? At any time?

According to this post which was drawn to my attention by Paul Taylor on Twitter, the number of employers blocking their employees’ access to social media at work has INCREASED over the past year from 29% to 36%. I find this flabbergasting, I thought we were winning this battle.

Social media is a modern form of communication. Ask yourself how you would feel if your employer banned you from TALKING to anyone. Not just in your working hours, but at all times, because, after all, anything you say could be seen as reflecting on your employer, because; even though it might be a private conversation, it is easy to find out who you work for and attribute your views to the organisation you work for.

Banning social media at work is effectively closing off a modern communication method to employees. It is virtually the same as banning them from talking to anyone….  at any time. That is a recipe for dissatisfied, frustrated employees, and an organisation that is secretive and whose motives will be open to question.

Please don’t do it….

2 thoughts on “Would you ban your employees from talking to anyone? At any time?

  1. There’s a few reasons I reckon for this John. The one most relevant to your post is this: many employers don’t see spending time on social media as work.

    Part of this is because of their own use of social media. They might share a few jokes on Facebook. Play Candy Crush. Comment on the soaps and sport.

    They probably don’t share informative links. They probably read less than the average person. They probably don’t blog.

    I’m not being snobbish – just realistic.

    I get far more value and learning from my Twitter feeds than I do from my work email. Switching off my social media at work would be akin to slamming the phone down on an important client.

    You often here people say “they spend lots of time on social at work” as an insult. A criticism. If you rephrase that as ” they spend lots of time networking and expanding their horizons at work” it doesn’t sound such a time waster…

    • Thanks Paul.

      I reckon there are still a lot of “bosses” whose secretaries print off their emails for them too

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