Wifi for Hospital Patients: A Major Breakthrough

Just when I was feeling the Campaign for Free Wifi for Hospital Patients had stalled, there comes news of a major breakthrough. Prompted by Consultant Paediatrician, Sebastian Yuen, George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton has introduced free wifi. This came about after Sebastian consulted with the family of one of his patients who made a specific request, and it was introduced as an NHS Change Day pledge.

Here is a great video about it. Please spread the word and tweet about this using the hashtags #NHSwifi and #NHSChangeDay. Thank you also to Teresa Chinn for the prompt

11 thoughts on “Wifi for Hospital Patients: A Major Breakthrough

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  2. John,
    following up on comments on the nhshackdays group I have developed a site to track wifi availability in hospitals (It also has car parking and other info but this is in its infancy).
    This enables anyone to add information to a hospital regarding whether it has wifi, whether it is free and open.
    If you could mention the site and encourage it’s use on the facebook group this would be appreciated as I am still waiting for my join request.
    The site is http://aboutmyhospital.co.uk

    Best Regards
    Chris Casey

  3. I am severely hearing impaired and when I am in the hospital it is SO frustrating not being able to converse with the nurses and doctors. If all hospitals had wifi, I could take my iPad and turn on the speech recognition programs, which have been greatly perfected and could read important messages from doctors and nurses.

    • Not just hospitals – huge potential benefits outside of hospitals also eg General Practice, pharmacy OT etc . Can’t guarantee a 3G signal inside big buildings
      #NHSwifiNOW please

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