Human Organisations

I’m inspired by a post written by Anne Cooper this morning about change models. Anne works in the NHS and has to deal with massive change, elements of which can be achieved using a variety of methodologies.

Personally, I get very dispirited when I see any organisation acting like it is not a collection of human beings. All that process stuff really gets me down. I am optimistic that social media is gradually changing the world so that we can get insights into the real people who work in organisations, and so that organisations can be influenced by regular interactions between the humans they deal with, whether they are customers, “service users”, or whoever, and staff.

Did you see the local resident confronting the Defence Secretary over the Government reaction to the floods? The video is below. This is an example of what I mean. This was one human demanding some human reaction from another and it got results beyond the political point scoring.

I would ask anyone who works in a big organisation to think before making a decision; what is my human instinct on this issue? We are humans at work as well as outside it. I don’t see why we should behave differently when we enter the office.

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