Social media gives you confidence

One of the great advantages of working in Newport, South Wales, as I am at the moment, is that I occasionally get to chat with local resident, Helen Reynolds, an experience which is always good for the soul.

Yesterday we were talking about the difference social media has made to our lives, and it turned out we share a common experience. We have both found in the past that the workplace can be something of a hostile environment, where people are quick to shoot down new ideas, and many are resistant to new ways of doing things. Over time, this can make you reluctant to do new things, and you can even start to accept the consensus and do things the way they always have been done for the sake of the quiet life. What both Helen and I have found is that the advent of social media suddenly gave us a lot more confidence that our ideas had some currency, because we found an audience that agreed with us and encouraged us to continue experimenting. It also gave us evidence to support what we are doing which we could then take back to the workplace to show to colleagues.

This has meant we have both been able to achieve a lot more with the support of our social media networks, and life no longer feels like a struggle against conformity, more a journey helped on by supportive peers.

I am sure there are many others who have similar stories to tell.

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