Doing Events Differently

On Wednesday this week I was live streaming and social reporting at the Move More Sheffield Consultation Event. Move More Sheffield is a citywide partnership aimed at getting the population to become more physically active.

I interviewed one of the organisers, Dr. Ollie Hart about some of the unusual aspects of the event, including getting people to build pipe-cleaner models illustrating their ideas, and go outside and walk around during discussions. As you can hear in the video below, Ollie explained that part of this is to get people using different parts of their brains which are stimulated by exercise.

I read something the other day (I can’t find the link now) which said that only 10% of people claimed they got their best ideas at work. Most of us get our ideas in the shower, or while walking the dog, or while out for a run. Something I have done a number of times at events and unconferences, is to run a post-lunch session in which I took everyone out for a walk. I didn’t really have a strategy about doing this, simply it was about breaking up the usual way of doing things and waking people up after lunch. I am glad there might have been some real scientific evidence behind what I was doing, and I’ll do it again in future.