A story for Yorkshire Day

Happy Yorkshire Day.

Have you ever noticed how many different names there are for the humble bread roll in different parts of the country? Barmcakes, breadcakes, cobs… those are just some of them. It makes asking for a sandwich in different towns a bit of a lottery.

Where I live (as a relative in-comer of less than 20 years) they call them “teacakes”. This seems to be confined to an area around Huddersfield and Barnsley. Anywhere else in the country, a teacake is a sweet bun with currants in it. In this part of West and South Yorkshire, they are what you wrap around your lunch.

Someone from Huddersfield told me that, on a recent visit to London he insisted on asking for a ham salad teacake, despite being asked several times if a teacake was what he really wanted. He then objected to being given a currant bun with a ham salad in it.

And they say Yorkshire folk don’t always believe they are right.

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