The Importance of Digital Storytelling

Last week I got the heart warming news that the LS14 Trust had secured 3 years funding for their Digital Lounge. When I met with them in March, they were seriously fearing closure as the funding they had was running out.

So, I made a video in which the staff members told some stories about how important their work is, and it generated quite a lot of interest.

Digital storytelling is important, and it works. Here’s the video I made with Nic and Jo:

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Digital Storytelling

  1. Great news, glad they got some support, its a great project, and makes far more sense than silly online centres. We need more digital lounges where people don’t have to learn stuff they don’t need just to tick boxes. People just want to use the internet the way they want, not the way the online centres are forced to teach it. Power to the people, and good luck to the girls. Keep the faith.

  2. Seconding Chris you’re so right people need need to go for what they feel drawn too not have stuff imposed on them.

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