There be dragons

After Day 2 of Our Digital Planet in Wigan, I’m left reflecting on what a scary place the internet is for some people. I listened to a long tale from an older gentleman about the different error messages, warnings, and pop ups which had assailed him during his computer use, and which had eventually convinced him to give the whole thing up. Eventually, I could only advise him to bring his laptop into the Internet Station so I could have a look at it, as, without seeing it, it was impossible for me to judge which of these messages was potentially harmful, and which could easily be dismissed. Those of us who use computers and the internet all the time find it relatively easy to distinguish what we need to worry about and what we don’t, but, for those who are new and irregular visitors, it can seem an impenetrable maze of constant warnings.


3 thoughts on “There be dragons

  1. very true, have met many like this, many of my own relations have the same trouble. I wish they would use apple instead of microsoft…
    speaking of which my apple has just died of overwork and imovie, any suggestions where to source another second hand imac 24?

  2. I find it a bit scary sometimes – even after using the Internet for years – and for so many hours daily. Sounds like he was using an old version of Internet Explorer. I’m inclined to agree to Chris – that a Mac is easier for some (Chris – sorry to hear yours has died, hope you get another soon). There’s a reason why we all try to encourage people to use browsers other than IE, and with pop up blockers, isn’t there?

    • I agree Chris and Janet. In the majority of cases, when I ask people what browser they are using, they look at me blankly, because that big “e” on the screen IS the Internet, isn’t it?

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