Video Streaming via 4G

Because of the work I do live video streaming, I’ve just become a field tester for EE’s 4G mobile broadband. I only took delivery of my 4G device yesterday, but already I am impressed. I’ve only been moving around a relatively small area in Manchester, but the speeds I have been getting have been very encouraging, and, for the most part, I’ve been testing it in-doors in large buildings.


This is all particularly pleasing for me because it is another string to my bow in the live streaming work I do. Providing the venue is in a 4G coverage area, I reckon there are very few occasions when in-house wifi will beat the upload speeds I am getting with 4G, which are more than enough for a high quality video stream.


I am appealing, therefore, for more organisations to come forward and let me live stream their events and activities. It doesn’t cost a lot the  way I do it, and, now, if you’ve got 4G coverage, I can more or less guarantee the video will be of a very high quality.


Please contact me if you want to talk to me about live video streaming.


One thought on “Video Streaming via 4G

  1. Hard to tell from Ookla graphs but looks bursty, so if the tops of the upload peaks is the 6Mbps, you may find the video streaming is still chopping as it jumps around the bit rates.

    A totally flat and steady 2 to 3 Mbps is what you really want.

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