Sponsorship Needed for UK SnowCamp and Hackathon


It’s three years (and more) since I wrote this post about making use of the internet to carry on working on snow days, and, frankly, I don’t see any change. Snow still seems to take everyone, particularly employers by surprise. Now, I don’t want to get into a debate about climate change and all that, but it is obvious to anyone that we have had more snow disruption in the UK over the past 5 years or so than we had for some time previously, and I reckon we should be prepared for it to keep happening. some of the pictures in this post were taken this morning, on the 22nd March!


So, if this is going to keep happening, and there seems to be some institutional inertia around doing something about it, we need some collective brainpower around possible solutions. This is why I am seeking sponsorship for an event…

Announcing UK SnowCamp and Hackathon.

Don’t know where or when yet, but this will be a 2-day event where people with an interest in making it possible to work, live, play, teach, learn, serve, care, and cure during snow disruptions can get together, discuss potential solutions on day one, and build solutions (which may not all be technology-related) on Day 2.


Who’s in for this? And, importantly, who will sponsor it?  I am thinking of companies that make snow-related equipment, organisations that use the internet to reduce distances, and those who want to build solutions, could all be interested in sponsoring. Please contact me if you are interested in sponsoring, or pass this on to others if you think you know someone who is.

One thought on “Sponsorship Needed for UK SnowCamp and Hackathon

  1. I’ve just seen this from Johann Tasker of Famers’ Weekly about the devastating loss of sheep due to drifting snow http://youtu.be/bEfcutOs3vo. It seems to me that farming is a key area where the use of technology to overcome difficulties caused by snow could help a lot.

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