Let’s tell a story

3 mandolins

Three Mandolins – by Ken Ratcliff, owner and builder of Silver Angel Mandolins http://www.silverangelmandolins.com/

I’ve been working in Lincoln quite a bit recently. A couple of weeks ago, I walked past a branch of Cash Converters in the city and noticed 2 mandolins in the window. I thought this was a bit unusual, so I tweeted about it, which elicited a number of replies, several of which speculated that there may be a sad story about how they got there.

And then, a few days ago, I walked past the same shop again and the 2 mandolins had been joined by a third.  The story gets even sadder.

So, help me tell that story. How did 3 mandolins come to be in the Lincoln branch of Cash Converters?