Interesting use of Linkedin

Here’s a quick social media case study.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been in Lincolnshire, delivering Broadband for Business Workshops as part of the work I am doing with CDI Alliance for Lincolnshire County Council via their OnLincolnshire programme.

I happened to have a conversation with someone unconnected with the workshops, who asked me what I was doing in the area. When I explained, he told me that he had an interesting use for Linkedin. He had bought a cheap boat in Turkey, intending to do it up for use for mini-cruises and sail it to be based in Spain. However, there had been a number of unforeseen financial obstacles to moving the boat, which had led him to keep it based in Turkey. He had employed a local captain and set about advertising it for group cruises. However, he had found the cost of newspaper and magazine advertising to be prohibitive.

But, he had hit upon an unusual way of recruiting people for the mini-cruises. He had trawled special interest groups on Linkedin and contacted people to find if they were interested in running mini-cruises for people with common interests. He had found a number of people willing to do so, and his model is to pay their air fare to Turkey and give them a free place on the boat in return for them recruiting groups who pay their way. Apparently, yoga cruises are particularly popular. The leader gets a free holiday, and the boat owner gets paying customers recruited for him.

I thought this was a particularly interesting use of social media.


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