The Rural Broadband version of those BT Infinity ads

Here’s the rural broadband version of those BT Infinity ads.

Advert 1

Geeky young man tries to impress young woman with his knowledge of Duran Duran. “I’ve got all their stuff” he says, and rushes out of the room. He sneaks out the back door, jumps into a land rover and races to the nearest town. Later, he rushes back into the house with a pile of secondhand Duran Duran vinyl records under his arm, only to find the woman of his desires curled up on the sofa with his housemate.

Advert 2

Geeky young man answers the cottage door to young Spanish woman. “Me and my friends are staying next door for the Olympics, can you help us contact home?” As he nods, a procession of young Spanish women push past him into the house and make for his landline telephone. Later, young man is seen frowning over his phone bill which amounts to thousands of pounds.

3 thoughts on “The Rural Broadband version of those BT Infinity ads

  1. Advert 2
    Geeky young man comes home from university and wants to catch up with his friends on facebook and post some photos. Tries repeatedly to dial up and get connected, gives up and goes to stay with friends over the summer. Finds a job in the city and decides to live there.

  2. Advert 4
    Citizen reporter gets some great footage of a local event on his phone. Tries to upload it to a local tv station. Two hours later with a flat battery he gives up. Friend gives him a charge, and a tip – ‘drive to the nearest town, it will be easier there’. Off goes the citizen reporter, uploads his film in a few minutes, then videos an urban event. This livestreams. Citizen reporter decides not to video rural events any more, too much trouble.

  3. Advert 5.
    Young family come to visit granny and show her the ipad. She immediately takes to it and wants one. The family sort it out and order a broadband connection. The family buy her an ipad so they can facetime in the evenings and bring their world to her, and make sure she is ok. All is going well, until the connection is established and they find the bandwidth doesn’t allow video. Sad faces all round, and the family persuade granny to go and live in a nice nursing home where they know she will be kept an eye on.

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