Just because there’s a fast connection near you, doesn’t mean you can use it

My attention was grabbed this morning by this headline:

City missing out on broadband

on this story http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/city-missing-out-on-broadband.18176315 about Glasgow having the lowest take up of broadband in the country.

I meet a lot of people, particularly out in the countryside, when I am working on rural broadband issues, who think that the cities are all sorted when it comes to digital inclusion and people benefiting from modern technologies. My response to that is often to point out that having a fast connection running past your home, or close to it, does not necessarily mean you can afford to use it. There are all sorts of factors, not least finances, which prevent people from benefiting from what the internet has to offer in the modern world.


2 thoughts on “Just because there’s a fast connection near you, doesn’t mean you can use it

  1. I live 5 miles outside Birmingham City Centre. We’ve paid for broadband for years, but I’ve never been able to use the wireless connection for any length of time (and recently can’t use it at all) on any one of a laptop, Macbook or iPad. The internet connection cuts off if the phone rings. The phone gets a lot of interference when the internet connection is plugged in. My husband has spent hours on the phone to our provider (I don’t have the patience). I’m not quite sure what on earth we’re paying for, as I seem to spend most of my time spending money in coffee shops to access wifi or buying data for a dongle. Lots of friends I’ve spoken to have similar stories. I’d love to meet someone who is able to use the internet trouble-free at home, it’s like a myth to me. And I I know it must be even more frustrating for people who live in rural areas and can’t get anything at all.

  2. Thanks Lorna

    You know, if you’re problems are principally about the wifi connection, you could probably solve them with a new router

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