My First Week on Twitter – An Idea

I’ve been thinking about those shared twitter accounts, where a different person tweets on behalf of a place, an organisation, or an idea every week. Some of them are really good, some, I have to say, are banal in the extreme.

So, I’ve had an idea for a twist on the concept. I’ve set up an account called @First_week, which could be shared by people who are in their first week on Twitter. And I’m thinking that contributors could be recruited at Social Media Surgeries.

It could be a good way for newcomers to be initiated to the world of twitter. It would be more like joining a conversation that’s already going on, rather than having to go and and seek new acquaintances, and it could be that people pick up more followers in their early days, because they could direct people to their new personal account when they hand over.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “My First Week on Twitter – An Idea

  1. Hi John

    I see the issues you are trying to address, and I think it is a great idea, and I hope it works, but, if this does not work, may I suggest a slightly way of doing this? I have several different Twitter Accounts, for several different blogs I run. I like It is slightly fiddly logging in and out of different accounts. I am wondering if this could be off-putting and confusing to a newcomer? Also I have, occasionally, I been known to confuse by absent mindedly leaving a comment in the wrong account and sometimes (not often, but, again, it happens) I have ended up with followers who are not really following me on the right account, and it can take months, or not at all, for a gentle hint to finally have effect. I realise that with a new Tweeter there is likely to be less going on, in these ways, but wondering if one or two minor confusions might be upsetting for a nervous Tweeter!

    If this does not work – and I truly hope it does – then what about using a hashtag? #NewTwitterAccount. I found this brilliant recently for a particular account I was involved in, and we could all pick each other up very quickly, plus I found new followers and they found me. Also this could introduce new Tweeters, quickly and easily, to the search and hashtag concepts.

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