Alternative Boat Race?

This is not a political point, I myself went to a fairly elitist university so I might be on difficult ground.

But, it occurred to me that the annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge has the same 2 teams every year, and is something of a celebration of both academic and social elitism.

So, next year (the 2013 Boat Race is scheduled for Saturday 23rd March) can we stage an alternative boat race which is a celebration of diversity, talent and all aspects of a local community?

I’ll live video stream the alternative Boat Race on the web, along with a day of community celebrations. It could be an opportunity to showcase all that is good in a local community, benefiting from some of the publicity generated by that other event on the Thames.

So, I’m looking for a community that wants to celebrate itself on the web, and has access to a stretch of water and some boats, along with some brave souls prepared and able to get in the boats and “race” each other.

Who’s in?

8 thoughts on “Alternative Boat Race?

  1. Hi John

    I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea! Here I Blackpool we are lucky enough to have Stanley Park which has a boating lake and boats which the public are able to use. I’ve got a few contacts from the parks service who might be able to say whether or not this is do-able in Blackpool. Also in Stanley Park is a bandstand (just by the lake) which could be used on the day to showcase the musical diversity of the town (it has been used for bands before) as well as plenty of space for other activities (oh and I almost forgot the Crazy Golf!). As well as this we have got a wealth of different community organisations who I’m sure would be up for getting involved.

    Anyway, Blackpool or elsewhere. I’m in!


  2. You could always film the scarecrow ball race? Sunday 06th May this year but I guess we could put it on earlier. At least you would be able to have a good enough connection to livestream it?
    😉 Our river isn’t big enough for boats so we race balls.

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

    I just want to clarify something. I’ve had a couple of expressions of interest from rowing and sailing clubs. I am very grateful for that, and if there is anything they can do to help put the event on, I will overflow with gratitude. But, the idea of staging the event at a rowing or sailing club kind of misses the point. I want to use the publicity that we can generate from an event like this to celebrate community and diversity. Therefore, it needs to be held in a community setting. Holding the alternative Boat Race at a Boat Club might be kind of like doing #twicket ( at Lord’s. It’s the location and the community that are the important factors, not the quality of the sport.

    Thanks again, for everybody’s interest.

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