Bradford Citypark & Celebration 2.0

So, you live and learn.


Celebration 2.0 is a project about experimentation. On Saturday I took it to the Grand Launch of Citypark Bradford. It was a glorious day, both weatherwise, and because of the wonderful spirit engendered by the thousands upon thousands of people who turned out to witness this new chapter in the city centre of Bradford.

And that was part of the problem for me. I had planned to live video stream the whole event, with contributions from local people talking about how positive they felt about living in Bradford, and how optimistic they were for its future. But, I had reckoned with the huge numbers of people, most of them with mobile phones. And, as I was attempting to stream via the mobile phone network, this was a big issue.

I did manage to get some live video out, you can see it at and I did capture a few of the voices of local people, including Rashid and Damon, participants in the “Make Bradford British” TV programme, who are now doing important work in promoting cross-community relations in the city. This was evident from the crowds of people, particularly young people, who were clamouring to meet them and get their photos taken (see video below).

It was a spectacular event, topped off by a brilliant finale (see videos below). But, for me, the most important thing was the spirit of community, with thousands of people from all backgrounds joining together in joyous celebration.

One thought on “Bradford Citypark & Celebration 2.0

  1. Makes one wonder what’s gonna happen at the olympics when all the cells get full doesn’t it?
    Well done for trying anyway, a little bit more history recorded for posterity.

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