Doing what you’ve always done, but less of it….

I’m a great fan of that adage “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”. It is a succinct illustration of the need constantly to change our approaches to avoid the mistakes of the past and keep pace with the times.

So, it is all the more depressing that I have come across a variant of this attitude recently. I’ve been talking to a number of people in the public sector about potential new initiatives. The response I’ve had in quite a few quarters has been along the lines of “yes that’s a ‘nice to have’, but we can’t afford to do new things in the current financial climate”. What they are effectively saying, and coming close to saying in reality in some cases, is that they intend to keep on doing what they’ve always done, but do less of it.

So, if it cannot be right to keep doing what you’ve always done, surely, doing it, but less of it, is a rapid route to redundancy, both literal and metaphorical.

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