Introducing Celebration 2.0

I am extremely pleased, and not a little proud, to announce the launch of a new project. Celebration 2.0 is funded by Nominet Trust, and I will be delivering the project in collaboration with Talk About Local. My estimable colleague, David Wilcox, will also have an important role to play.

JP at Twicket

The genesis of Celebration 2.0 was the #twicket inititiative that I ran on Easter Monday 2011 ( There were three very important lessons that came out of #twicket:

  • “Fun” events can achieve large scale, global audiences online and attract mainstream media attention;
  • People who previously had seen no use for new technologies in their lives radically changed their attitudes as a result of being involved in an event that was enhanced by technology;
  • Serious messages can be conveyed to large audiences engaged by their interest in the fun nature of the event.

So the core of Celebration 2.0 is to do more of what #twicket was about. Essentially, I will be going where people are having fun, helping them to use new technologies to enhance and amplify their events, engage new audiences, connect with others in the world doing similar things, and celebrate their traditions and cultures. And, in doing so, I’ll be looking to disseminate some pratical strategies for engaging the reluctant in the use of new technologies.


Some of the things I’ll be looking to do around celebratory events are:

  • live video streaming
  • live audio streaming
  • recorded video via Youtube (or similar site)
  • recorded audio via Audioboo (or similar site)
  • video and audio interviews
  • live blogging
  • Facebook pages
  • event blogs
  • securing and utilising internet connectivity in difficult places

Celebration 2.0 is live now, and will run to the first week in June 2012. And the first step is collate a list of events (carnivals, fetes, festivals, unusual sporting events, etc.), happening between now and then, where people are happy to have me along to help them celebrate using technology. So, please let me know, in the comments section of this blog, by tweeting me @johnpopham, or by emailing john[dot]popham[at]johnpopham[dot]com if you are running a celebration event I can be part of. I am particularly keen to hear from cultural and arts networks which might have a series of events planned. And, I need a lot of help and support from my network in reaching out to people who don’t spend a lot of time online, but who have events that would be suitable for inclusion in my programme.

Huddersfield Festival of Light 2011

This project has been some time in gestation. I am extremely grateful to Nominet Trust for showing faith in it and putting their resources behind it, and to William Perrin and Talk About Local for following up on their initial support for the #twicket event by helping me make this happen. I also want to talk to policy and decision makers about how this approach can be built into funding and support programmes as well as digital inclusion, digital engagement, and digital service delivery strategies. So I will be knocking on doors in Whitehall, Westminster, and elsewhere to show the benefits of having fun with technology.

Nominet Trust

Please get in touch if you can help with Celebration 2.0 in any way. I hope to see you soon at an event near you.

Talk About Local

12 thoughts on “Introducing Celebration 2.0

  1. Brilliant! We have an Olympic flame coming through Walsall on June 30. This *may* be too late but I’d love to have a chat at some stage to see how we could channel the spirit of this for that.

  2. Brilliant news, you will have a great time doing it and do a lot of good stuff too. HT to Nominet for spotting a winner. I could show you how to entertain a whole group in a residential care home and have them all laughing their socks off with technology within 5 minutes. Wanna film it?

  3. This is a brilliant initiative and so essential in these times of doom and gloom. Events that celebrate cultures, food, etc are such a great way to celebrate people coming together, without the pressure to deliver – and they spark off proper conversations that wouldn’t have taken place in a more “serious” meeting. We’re working to organise a transnational walk in London as part of our festival (see so if you wanted to come down #thatlondon, you’d more than welcome!

  4. Wow, do you have the best job ever? Let me know how I can help. Sounds like you’ve really invented a new way to engage newcomers with digital and social.

    Would love to join in.

    Liz 🙂

  5. Great news John
    Has to be #smtrain3 in there somewhere … (not quite sure where, but something together with one of the Community Rail Partnerships maybe?)
    Oh and a beer festival!
    Yes, technology can be (and should be) foremost fun. If people see its not just geekery and getting online to tick boxes they are more likely to want to know more about what it can do.
    Celebration time!

  6. Gotta come to the scarecrow festival John. The uni are talking about doing a wifi scarecrow this year, I will email you details and contact names. The parade is the Friday night before mayday bank holiday monday… the video of last years is in the usual place, we CAN do better…
    4th May.

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  9. My church is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2012. We’ve got loads of events going on throughout May and June (and later but that won’t work for your schedule). Including concerts, a flower festival, a lunch with the bishop (fun, fun, fun!), and an edwardian themed ball. The usual community kinda stuff, but if you’re looking for a London one then it could work out. Here we are on Facebook

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