Public Gatherings

Today was the second day of the Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival, an annual event lasting four days, which, apparently regularly attracts 65,000 to St. George’s Square in the centre of town.

This evening there was a lovely atmosphere in the Square as people ate, drank and listened to music. This raised two important issues in my mind:

  1. Why don’t the British gather in the open more often? Are we that scared of the weather that we have to be dragged out of our houses to meet each other? and
  2. Why is the wonderful space in the centre of Huddersfield empty so much of the time? It is our space, let’s make much more use of it.

Here’s a taste of the show

and here is the local band Helter Skelter closing the show tonight

One thought on “Public Gatherings

  1. We attended last year John and stuffed ourselves with calorie laden fudge and other assorted goodies. We weren’t aware it was taking place, but your right, we all ought to congregate more outside than we currently do. (if only the weather was kinder!) I might pay a visit today and enjoy some more of that luscious fudge!

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