A Disservice to Public Sector Staff

This is a bit of an adjunct to my last post on Social Media, Identity and Personality. And, I am about to make some sweeping generalisations. The rule about generalisations is that they are always wrong. Still, here goes, any way.

Next week is the 31st March. That is the end of the financial year for most public sector organisations, and so, it is the date on which many of the people who are being made redundant through public expenditure cuts will be spending their last day at work. The Our Society network, of which I am a Co-Founder, will be marking this at our “A Big Society Reality Check” event on that very day. Thus, there are going to be a lot of new people looking for work at a time when the promised growth in private sector employment has yet to materialise to compensate.

As I’ve written elsewhere, I have been very frustrated at the number of times I have come across restrictive network policies in public sector organisations which prevent their staff from accessing social media. This is a generalisation, I know there are lots of bodies that do allow access, and which consequently use it in innovative ways. But, as I know from direct experience, there are still far too many who impose blanket restrictions. The people who have worked in these organisations and are now being released onto the job market will be at a massive disadvantage. They have been shielded from the way the world has changed and, in my opinion, will be ill-equipped to survive in a world where success depends on working in amplified, networked ways.

These people have been done a disservice

One thought on “A Disservice to Public Sector Staff

  1. Agree John.
    They will be at a serious disadvantage unless they have accessed it at home and made contact with other sector workers.
    times they are a changin, and we have t’change with em.

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