So Just What *Is* It about Facebook?

Another day, another Social Media Surgery.

Leeds Social Media Surgery - January 2011

And, once again, that sinking feeling when someone asks about help with Facebook. Now, I know, Facebook is by far the most popular social networking platform out there, and I’d be very surprised if there was ever a Social Media Surgery where at least one question about it wasn’t asked. So, why is that I don’t like it, and why do my views seem to be shared by nearly everyone I know who is serious about social media? And, when I say “serious” I mean who wants to use social media for socially progressive purposes.

I often tell people I don’t like Facebook, but I often find it hard to pinpoint just why. So, here are some reasons why I think Facebook makes me feel uneasy:

  • Privacy issues: Although it appears that Facebook is moving towards addressing some of the privacy concerns that people have about it, particularly in relation to young people, it is not there yet, and its historical reluctance on this front leaves a bad taste;
  • Stupid games: To be honest I haven’t seen any of the stupid Facebook games for ages, I seem to have been successful in blocking them from my stream. HOORAY!
  • Poking and throwing sheep; I just don’t get it.

Actually, those are the only tangible reasons I can think of at the moment. Are they enough? I suppose underlying all this is that I, and other social media surgeons, know that Facebook is, for the foreseeable future, going to be the social media channel with the greatest potential for reaching a wide audience, but, that reaching that audience involves side-stepping lots of trivial rubbish which clouds serious intent.

What are your reasons for hating Facebook, or should I just get over it?

Leeds Social Media Surgery - January 2011 #2