Social Media and Get Online Week on BBC Radio York

I appeared on BBC Radio York on Friday 22nd October. The interview was as part of BBC Local Radio’s “First Click” initiative, which is their contribution to the national Get Online Week. I was interviewed about the role of social media in motivating people to get online for the first time and how its use can improve people’s lives. We even strayed into the role of Social Media in the Big Society.

The interview is below:

3 thoughts on “Social Media and Get Online Week on BBC Radio York

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  2. Hi John
    Very interesting interview on BBC Radio York.

    I hadn’t heard of the Sysomos survey before but I think this is it here: (
    It’s interesting how the researchers’ original headline “29% of Tweets Generate a Reaction” morphs into “71% of messages have been ignored”, as the BBC York presenter Jonathan Cowap put it. He’s in good company: other write-ups* go even further translating 71% into “three out of four”.

    Jonathan also suggests they’re “not read”, which you rightly refute (no evidence), although being “not read because unnoticed” probably accounts for the lack of response for quite a few of them. .

    Given the volume of tweets coming in on Twitter, even if your circle of followers and followed is relatively small, to emphasise the 29% in the headline is probably about right.

    I don’t use Twitter a lot – and only from the web, not my phone – so I find that a lot of my messages do get “ignored” (ie. overlooked in the noise of other people’s streams). I’ve probably also “ignored” messages from other people who have sent tweets a while ago, now buried deep in my stream – ie. I didn’t notice them because I wasn’t online to receive them at the time.

    What’s the solution? I spotted this exchange between two freelance people doing a bit of networking:

    ~ Person A on 1st day, via web: @B Hi there got your details via fellow journo C, am possibly interested in writing for [your website]. Got any1 in [Your Town]?
    ~ Person B 6 days later, via web: @A Hi, just picked your message up, thanks for your note. send me your number in a DM [direct message] & I’ll call you. Cheers!
    ~ Person A morning of next day, via a phone network: @B Cheers! Can you follow me? Then I can send number to you on DM
    ~ Person B same afternoon, via a phone network: done!

    Perhaps that’s the pattern to follow on Twitter, ie.:
    ~ address comments to one person and include a real personal link, hook or introduction
    ~ don’t be surprised if it takes a busy person a while to respond
    ~ move away to direct communication as soon as possible.

    Best wishes
    Cathy Aitchison

    *Other writeups of the Sysomos survey:

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