Looking for Sponsor for 1st Yorkshire Musicians Social Media Surgery

This is a new departure. Following on from the success of the burgeoning movement of Social Media Surgeries, started by Nick Booth of Podnosh.com and now spreading around the world, particularly in Yorkshire, I am now working with Rich Huxley of Hope and Social, and Pat Fulgoni of Kava Kava to organise the first Social Media Surgery for musicians.

We are aiming for this to take place in Leeds, some time in October 2010. The intention is to advise musicians on how best they can use social media to reach their audiences, in particular learning from the experiences of the likes of Hope and Social in how they engage people and draw them into their community (Note to self: wonder if this means I have to mug up on how MySpace works these days).

We want to make this a Surgery with a difference, and, I ask my social media-savvy friends to give up a lot of their time to help out with the usual Surgeries, so I reckon we need a little incentive for them to turn out at yet another event. Thus, we are intending to have a little bit of live music at the end of the Surgery, and, we’d like those who are giving up their valuable time for free to be able to have a bite and a drink too.

So, I am looking for one or more sponsors who can help us make this happen. I’m looking for £300 so we can lay on some refreshments for our hard-working and dedicated Surgeons. Please get in touch if you can help. This will be quite a high profile event, we will be making sure it gets lots of publicity via social media, and in the mainstream and music press. You will get a prominent mention in everything that goes out to the world.

Please get in touch if you can help

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