Community Noticeboards and the Big Society

Following on from my previous post on the potential for photographing Community Noticeboards to develop an online database of local “analogue” community activities, this is a different take on the Community Noticeboard.

As I mentioned in the post about my visit to Eden a couple of weeks ago, I have been thinking about the issue of how to communicate information quickly and cheaply to people in a dispersed area like Eden, many of whom do not have access to Broadband. One of the examples we talked about was the Electronic Noticeboard developed by Lancaster University for the village of Wray in Lancashire. This allows people to enter information online, and it appears on a touchscreen in the village shop.  I think this is a fantastic idea, but, it could be a bit expensive to replicate in lots of different communities, especially in these days of financial austerity.

So, could we not develop something which does this job as, effectively, a website, which could then be displayed on a computer display in a shop window? It would need to show notices which would probably rotate on a regular basis, could accept user-generated content, and could be moderated to filter out inappropriate content.

8 thoughts on “Community Noticeboards and the Big Society

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  2. Yes, this project can be replicated for coppers. The main cost is the touch screen, but if there is room you can use an ordinary old monitor and keyboard. Wray Post Office hadn’t got enough room for that and so the uni put a touchscreen in.
    The project started three years ago, and the person in charge of it (doing his Phd) decided that he wanted it to evolve how the villagers wanted it.
    The first request was for a community photo album followed by Epostcards.
    The second was for village events
    The third was for a news tickertape
    The fourth was for adverts
    Moderation was done by different people, and if anyone would like more details please feel free to email me. The whole project has been a great success and everyone has really enjoyed being part of it.

    • Looks very interesting, Gary, so the answer is “yes”.

      I must reiterate, however, that there is no money for this stuff at the moment, which is why we are desperately looking for cheap / free solutions.

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