A New Approach for the first Rotherham Social Media Surgery

First Rotherham Social Media Surgery

Today it was my second Social Media Social Surgery of the week (with two more to come next week). The first Rotherham Social Media Surgery went very well, considering that it was effectively planned and organised in 48 hours, after Paul Webster (@watfordgap) challenged me to respond to my own blog post “Social Media Surgeries, JFDI!“.

Despite the short notice, the first venture in Rotherham was a great success, aided by the fact that we tagged the Surgery on to the end of a Social Media Workshop run by Simon Duncan, the regional Third (First?) Sector ICT Champion.

So, we had a semi-captive audience of 8 people, and my fellow “Surgeons” were Paul Webster and Neil Brewitt.

This was a Surgery with a difference. It was apparent that most people present were some distance further back in their understanding of social media than those who normally come to Surgeries.  So, after consulting them on their preferences, we agreed to conduct the Surgery as a group discussion, which then finished with a case study as we helped one member set up a Twitter account. Follow @lchord on Twitter, and give them some encouragement, please.

This format worked well with this Group.  I think it is probable that we would revert to the more usual format of one-to-one, or one-to-small-group advice at future Surgeries as people’s knowledge of, and confidence in, social media grows. But, this way worked well as a kick-off in Rotherham.