How to Share Video on Twitter from iPhone 3G

I worked out today how to share video on Twitter from the iPhone 3G (not 3GS). I was very pleased, a couple of weeks ago, to discover the Qik Video Camera app for the iPhone 3G (and original iPhone), which, at last, brings decent quality video (of suprisingly good quality given the limitations of the 3G’s camera) to the 3G. I was disappointed, however, that, unlike Qik’s other applications (for the 3GS, among others) it doesn’t allow the live broadcast of video. It also looked like it was difficult to share the video it captured.

I tried downloading Twitvid, which is a programme I have used for tweeting videos I have shot on other phones I have owned, but that just gives a message “this phone appears not to be configured for video” when you try and do anything useful with it. I then discovered that the Qik Video camera app does have video sharing options built in. One of these will upload the video to Facebook, another will send it by email, and a third will upload the video to Qik’s own servers and let you send the link by SMS. What I discovered through trial and error, however, that this third option puts the link into the iPhone’s clipboard, and it can then be pasted anywhere, including in a Twitter app. So, there is a round-a-bout way of sharing iPhone 3G videos via Twitter, I wish it was a bit easier, but it does work. The resulting video is below.

Another strange thing about this is that there appear not to be any settings which allow you to link the videos to your Qik account, and they are consequently posted as being from “Temp User”, who appears to be based in the United States. I don’t know if this means they won’t be hosted permanently. Watch this space

Vodpod videos no longer available.