2 thoughts on “My first Digital Inclusion Podcast – On Social Media Surgeries

  1. Key phrases:
    cascading knowledge – mutual journeys – changing things – democratising information – giving the little person a voice back – speeding up the process – community groups – local – bigger audience – web is a communication tool – many tools out there to use – no need to be broadcast at – keep an open mind – listen and learn – take away the tech scaryness – start basic – don’t assume knowledge – rich conversations – if someone can show them the way – energy, enthusiasm, armour, enablement – making life easier – eye opening – easy, simple, honest, accountable, opportunity – we are all learning – explore to find the best tools – hashtag – twitter can be private – find the uses of tools – it’s a conversation – friendly welcoming atmosphere – work together to solve problems – learn by talking – develop ideas – terminology scares – demystifying the tools
    Great podcast John, I made you a wordle of the key phrases. 1 spelling mistake and 1 added word if you can spot them 😉

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