Day One of (unofficial) Yorkshire Social Media Week

Huddersfield Social Media Surgery - 1st Feb 10

Huddersfield Social Media Surgery - 1st Feb 10

First of three social media surgeries on consecutive days in Yorkshire took place in Huddersfield last night. It was the second such event in the town, and the organisers were rewarded with a very good turn out. In fact, when I arrived at the Media Centre, a few minutes after the planned start time of 4:30pm, there was a queue of people waiting to see surgeons.

Huddersfield Social Media Surgery - 1st Feb 10

It was another excellent night, lots of positive feedback, lots of happy surgeons, and the added bonus from my point of view was that it was walking distance from my house.

Congratulations to Steven Tuck, Diane Sims, and Mari Browne who have been instrumental in getting the local Surgeries off the ground. I am sure that their hard work will result in these events being a permanent part of the scene for a long while to come.

The next Huddersfield Social Media Surgery will be on Monday 15th March.

Surgeons De-brief after Social Media Surgery

Surgeons De-brief after Social Media Surgery

Now it’s on to Leeds for day two of Social Media Surgery week.

5 thoughts on “Day One of (unofficial) Yorkshire Social Media Week

  1. Thank you John. Reading this post this morning has really brightened my day.

    It was another good night where both surgeons and patients seemed to learn a lot from each other. As you may (or may not) have picked up, and this may be a mid-winter thing – I seem to be having a bit of a crisis of conscience (or confidence?) and perhaps need to pause and reevaluate.

    What are we doing?
    What do we hope to achieve?
    Why are we doing this?
    Are we giving the correct advice?
    Have we got a wide enough spread of knowledge and experience throughout the surgeons?
    Should we have regular surgeon meetings?
    What do other surgeons do and how do they do it?

    I would like to attend other surgeries to get a feel for how they are run and how surgeons operate. What do you think about sitting with other surgeons as they are advising patients? I know some aren’t keen on this idea but would it better inform what we do.

    Does anybody else have similar questions?

    Am I worrying too much?

    • Thanks for the kind comments, Steven.

      Yes, I think you are worrying too much! But, as far as I am concerned you are welcome to attend other surgeries to see how they work. I think you will find that you have got it pretty well sorted in Huddersfield. There’s Leeds tonight, Sheffield tomorrow, and York on March 1st, not to mention Birmingham on 11th Feb, although I wouldn’t presume to be in a position to invite you to that one

  2. Last night was my first experience of a SMS. Having volunteered to help out in Leeds (020210) I thought I’d better pop in and have a look.

    I didn’t stay long, I had other things on, and was late arriving, so wasn’t able to contribute at all – but there seemed to be a real buzz. Listening to just a couple of the questions asked of surgeons increased my interest and like someone mention, I hope to learn things myself – as I (hopefully) support others.


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