Every City, Town, Village & Neighbourhood should have a Social Media Surgery

Last night was the first anniversary of the Birmingham Social Media Surgeries.

I could explain what a Social Media surgery is, but Nick Booth, one of the instigators of the Birmingham event, does a much better job of it than I could ever do

The Birmingham surgeries have built a growing reputation, showing the effectiveness of the approach, in that a number of social media “experts” are prepared to give up their time to pass on their knowledge to people involved in voluntary and community organisations.

Over time, a number of other surgeries have been established, and I happen to think that every community should have one. At the time of writing, a number of colleagues are helping to get one up and running in Leeds, the first Surgery in Huddersfield is imminent thanks to Steven Tuck and his team, and Jag Gill and friends have also been making things happen in Sheffield.

Having experienced the Birmingham event first hand earlier this year, when I was in the city on other business, I made a special trip to the first anniversary event, to record a flavour of what happens there, in the hope that others might be inspired by it.

I am grateful that Nick Booth decided to interview some of the participants at the end of the event, and I was thus able to follow in his wake and benefit from his vastly superior interviewing technique.

    A Flavour of the Scene at Fazeley Studios
    Surgeons in Action – Nicky Getgood
    Surgeons in Action – Gavin Wray
    Gavin Again
    Surgeons in Action – Nick Booth
    Nick Again and Alan Colson
    Interviews – Gavin Wray, Nicky Getgood & participants
    Interviews with Participants
    Interview with Chris Pinchen – who came all the way from Barcelona!

6 thoughts on “Every City, Town, Village & Neighbourhood should have a Social Media Surgery

  1. I think this is a classic case of every community should have one – but very many will not WANT one. How do we get to the point where community activists and volunteers are demanding access to these skills?

    One way to kill demand is to over-.supply

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