Barnsley Twestival 10th September 2009

I will be speaking at Barnsley Twestival on Thursday 10th September 2009 at around 5:30pm UK time. As part of a “Big Debate” I will be putting the case for Twitter, being opposed by a proponent of face-to-face networking. The irony of this is that I am a great fan of face-to-face networking, and will be saying so in the debate, and I think Twitter is a fantastic adjunct to f2f, it finds me new people to f2f network with, and helps me keep in touch with them between f2f contacts.

I would very much like to demonstrate the power of Twitter during the debate and I hope that you will help me out by feeding in comments, particularly your experiences of how Twitter has helped you build and maintain your professional networks. It looks like we will be using the hashtag #tweetbsly Please help me by contributing from the many and various talents of my Twitter community and re-tweeting the message which led you here


3 thoughts on “Barnsley Twestival 10th September 2009

  1. make sure you tweet in advance to remind me, you know how easily sidetracked into conversations I can be and then I might miss it… would love to support you in the debate. Like you, I think both methods are very important, neither is better than the other, its just that some stone agers don’t get IT.
    We can help redress the balance and let them see the benefits. It is then their choice to embrace or reject new technology and methods of communication. Tis a good idea. – remind me.

  2. The last time I went to a networking event I ended up with more twitter followers than business cards. Twitter is a great addition to face to face networking, and is amazing at publicising yourself internationally, but will never replace real human contact.

    Another worry is people using blackhat Twitter marketing, spamming followers and following thousands of people just to get more followers. It gives real business people a bad name and ultimately isn’t particularly successful.

    See you tomorrow.

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