Computer version of Freeview

Just watching the Digital Britain summit online (not being one of the lucky ones who was in the half empty room – lol).

I was struck by the comment that we need a “Computer version of freeview” i.e. a simpler version of a computer which drives digital take-up in a similar way to how simple freeview boxes have driven take up of DTV.

I know there is MyGuide, but that still doesn’t deal with the issue of the machine itself.

I wonder if iPhone apps offer a way forward here. I must say, I do not own an iPhone, and still can’t see the point of doing so. And, when I have watched TV ads about iPhone apps I have found myself thinking “Why?”. There’s the one that works out your share of a restaurant bill, and I think “you could do that with a built-in calculator” and there is the one that searches for local facilities, and I think “you could do that with Google”. But, now I am thinking, maybe these are really simple widgets which allow someone who could not fire up their browser, find google, and enter the correct search terms, to benefit from that experience.

Could we design a computer based on iPhone app principles, where everything everyone might want to do was accessible via a widget?

3 thoughts on “Computer version of Freeview

  1. I would have thought so, Tim.

    I still think one of the barriers is the object itself, the computer. If we could use widget like this on Interactive Digital TV, or mobile phones that are simpler than the iPhone, the BlackBerry, or the G1, then I think there might be a breakthrough for Digital Inclusion.

  2. Well, funny you should say that (sorry its taken so long to respond, but just discovered your musings), but rumour has it such a “device” is this side of teh horizon at Apple. Imagine an iPhone sw capable large iPod? Indeed, imagine an iPod Touch.

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