Do I need an iPhone

I need some help deciding what to do about my phone situation. Can people of the interweb solve my dilemma for me.

I have two phones, a work and a personal one. The work one is a BlackBerry Bold, and I am very happy with that. It does all sorts of wizzy things, has 3G and wifi (unlike most BlackBerrys), and is brilliant for sorting out email on the move. The one down-side is the pretty poor 2MP camera.

Until very recently, my personal phone was a BlackBerry Curve. To be honest, I was talked into getting this by an over-zealous salesman, I have never used its email function, and, without 3G or Wifi, I found it pretty limited. The only real advantage was being able to text quickly using the QWERTY keyboard. So I was quite happy recently when I was given a discarded Nokia N95, which I could immediately see was a much better prospect than the BB Curve, particularly as it has 3G and Wifi and is capable of playing BBC iPlayer content (in theory, I haven’t got this to work yet), watching TV streamed from my Slingbox (this does work very well and has allowed me to catch some crucial bits of the West Indies v England cricket test series while on the move), streaming live radio from BBC stations and direct downloading podcasts. A key thing which attracted me to the N95 was the possibility of having a half decent (5MP) camera in my pocket with the ability to upload photos directly, via Wifi or 3G, to Flickr, Twitpic or elsewhere.

And so, just as I am getting used to my new toy, and liking it (except for the frustration of having to relearn texting from a normal phone keypad), a spanner in the works. I learn that I am now eligble for a “free” upgrade to an iPhone.

So, do I abandon my new toy and replace it with an iPhone? I am liking the N95, and reluctant to give it up. But I know lots of people with iPhones and have coveted one from afar, and not so far, for a while. BUT, the iPhone’s camera is not great; there is, as yet, no client for the Slingbox on the iPhone, and, from what I can gather, listening to streaming radio may not be so easy as it is on the N95 (which also has a built in FM radio for non web listening).

What other reasons might there be for me to abandon my N95 in favour of an iPhone, other than that the latter looks nice, and has outstanding design principles? The poor iPhone camera and lack of Slingbox client are the factors which are driving my reluctance at the moment. The latter should be addressed shortly, but I don’t think the camera can be solved, and I really like the idea of not needing a separate camera and being able directly to upload decent quality photos.

So please help me make a decision. And if you are advocating the iPhone, please give me some killer reasons.

2 thoughts on “Do I need an iPhone

  1. Firstly let me declare that I have an iPhone so am pretty biased! For me the killer reason for getting it over other phone is the apps store – essentially apple have made sure that you can get myriad of new toys to play with on your phone by launching the store. I will admit that the camera is a let down and to be honest, the lack of cut and paste does irk me on occasion but all in all it is a fantastic phone that you can customise to meet your needs so come over to the apple side@:)

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